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Diagnostic Test from Mobile Remaps

By: Mobile Remaps  20/02/2013
Keywords: chip tuning

All vehicles receive a free diagnostic test with every remap and chip tune. It is the only way to ensure the ongoing reliability of your vehicle and to make sure your car does not have a fault you are not aware of but should be made aware of! Engines are complicated enough without electrical gremlins setting in. So before every remap as well as after every remap, we undertake a diagnostic test of your car engine. ECU's monitor many systems to ensure the reliable running of your car engine and as such they may record a 'pending' fault which we can find and diagnose before your car goes into 'limp home' mode and before it shows a warning light on your dash. Our diagnostic system can even record live data from your car engine and send you an email report if any malfunctions are recorded prior to your remap. Finally, if any issues are found stored on your ECU prior to your remap, with our contacts in the industry, we will be able to recommend trust worth mechanics and garages to ensure the ongoing reliability of your motor!

Keywords: chip tuning

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