Feminine Hygiene Services

By: Medsafe UK Ltd  14/08/2009
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Why you should choose Medsafe for your sanitary bin needs…

At MEDsafe UK we offer national coverage and you’ll benefit from efficient waste removal, low transportation costs and environmentally friendly waste disposal.This means you can relax, knowing you will have no long tie in contracts and easy exit terms; you’ll get better service and peace of mind with MEDsafe UK, not to mention exceptional value for money.We have modern attractive pedal operated Sanitary Bins that fits every washroom requirement

Your new sanitary bin contains a stainless steel modesty tray to conceal the unit contents and minimise bacteria growth, essential for the comfort of each user.

Now we’ve mentioned bacteria we’d better explain further, it’s bacteria that causes the smells so regularly complained of by many customers whose service company has failed to call when they said they would. Our computer controlled service plans, mean each service visit is very carefully planned in advance and is monitored with a clear audit trail from the time the driver leaves the depot to the time he returns.

Whats more…to control odour build up further, all Medsafe sanitary bins contain a bactericidal solution called Activap.

Activap is totally safe and non toxic. Importantly, Activap contains active natural ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. The result is an anti-bacterial system that targets infection and odour causing bacteria, rendering them harmless,  even those as hazardous as Hepatitis B & C and HIV.Activap reduces the levels of bacteria in the waste by 99.999% and unlike other germicides; it's as effective at the end of the service cycle as it is at the start.

The integral foot pedal allows for hands free operation, minimising cross infection, and the unit has Braille instructions incorporated into design for the visually impaired, stating - 'press here to open.'

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