How EFT works

By: Guido Terzaghi  19/02/2015
Keywords: Stress Counselling, Depression Counselling, Panic Attacks

A triggering image or a traumatic event is brought to mind while physically stimulating a series of acupoints that send impulses directly to the amygdala, which inhibit the alarm response. These impulses also cause a reduction, within the amygdala, of the number of neural connections between the image and the alarm response. After a number of repetitions of stimulating a series of acupoints, the image can then be brought to mind, or the situation can be experienced directly, without eliciting the alarm response. This explanation addresses the way that stimulating acupoints may help overcome psychological problems. Therefore Stimulating specific electromagnetically sensitive points on the skin while bringing a psychological problem or goal to mind can help a person overcome that problem or reach that goal by changing the chemistry in the amygdala and other areas of the brain. Feinstein, David The Healing Power Of Eft And Energy Psychology

Keywords: anger management, Depression Counselling, Panic Attacks, Stress Counselling, Trauma