Blocked Ear WAx

By: Ear Wax Gone  14/12/2009
Keywords: Ear Wax Removal, Wax Removal

Blocked Ear Wax is one of the most common, frustrating and infuriating ailments that afflicts most of us either frequently or infrequently, depending on how susceptible we are to the build up of ear wax.  Over the ages many different preparations for removing ear wax  have been tried, some go back to ancient Egyptian times.  <br>  
Manual syringing has been historically the most common method, but it can prove to be prolonged, often painful and at times futile. </p>
<p align="justify">Too forceful, and ear drum perforations can often results, not forceful enough and the cerumen is not removed.  Quite a gamble, relying entirely on a little luck and the skill of the syringe operator to separate the hard wax from the eardrum - often a very painful and distressing process. </p>
<p align="center"><strong><font color="#800000" size="4">Well that gamble is over - a
thing of the past.</font></strong> </p>
<p align="justify">The 'Ear Wax Gone' treatment uses a purely natural occurring oil to soften, then emulsify (dissolve) the wax and carry it out of the ear mixed with the oil. Quickly and completely painlessly removing blocked ear wax requires no pre-dozing, no period of softening the wax, no days of deafness and
distress through impairment of hearing, causes absolutely no distress or dizziness, and the whole operation removing blocked ear wax is over in a lot less time. </p>
<p align="justify">Why was this treatment not used to remove blocked ear wax before - well apparently it was used by the Greeks for centuries and then forgotten about. Incidentally the oil used is related to olive oil, but was valued by the ancients more for its medicinal than gastric qualities. </p>
<div align="justify">The current method in use in clinics throughout the world, is syringing the ear using luke warm water. Some times applied by a hand driven syringe and sometimes applied by a pulsating electrically driven pump. Neither method is really satisfactory, or comes anywhere near the effectiveness of the Ear Wax Gone to remove blocked ear wax.  Both methods cause dizziness and pain, can lead to permanent ear damage, and more often than not, fail to remove the wax. </p>
<p align="justify">But there again as I write this I realize that most of the people who will read this already know these facts and that is why they are reading here, hoping to find a simple pain free method of regaining their full hearing. <br>

Keywords: Ear Wax Removal, Wax Removal