Lightweight Flexible PCBs

Lightweight Flexible PCBs from CIT technology

By: CIT technology  09/03/2015
Keywords: printed circuit, printed circuit board, circuit boards

You could make a weight saving of up to 97% by using a lightweight flexible PCB instead of traditional FR4. CIT prints copper on lightweight flexible PET substrates that range from 50 to 125 microns in thickness. The copper traces allow surface mount components to be soldered directly to the circuit using low temperature Tin Bismuth solder. To get an idea of the relative weight of the substrate, 50 micron substrate is the same sort of weigh as 80 gsm photocopier paper (about 77 gsm in fact). To put that into context a standard FR4 PCB would be about 3100 gsm (or 40 sheets of paper). If we take and example of a single sided board 10cm x 10 cm then the FR4 board wuld weigh in at about 31 grams compared to about 0.77 grams for the flexible PET substrate. If you are designing for weight sensitive projects like drones for example then every gram counts so ask yourself if a lightweight flexible PCB is the answer for you.

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