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By: Azure Water Treatment Services Ltd  25/02/2011
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Chemical Supply:

Azure supply a comprehensive range of scale and corrosion inhibitors, biocides and chemical cleaning
agents to keep the following systems operating at  their optimum efficiency:

• Steam Boiler Plant
• Cooling towers and evaporative condensers
• Closed heating and chilled water systems
• Pre Treatment Plant.

• Full range of boiler water treatments
• Full range of cooling water treatments
• A selection of treatments for closed heating and
   chilled water systems
• Chemical products for pre-commission cleaning
   of various types of system
• Resin treatments for pre-treatment plants.

• Planned analytical service visits at agreed intervals
• Service reports and other documentation tailor made to each sites own requirement.
• Boiler inspection visits.

Dosage & Control Equipment
• A full range of electronic dosing pumps
• A full range of steam boiler dosing and control systems including sample coolers
• A full range of cooling water control equipment to fully automate dosing of inhibitors biocides and     bleed off
• Closed system dosing pots.

Chemical Cleaning
• Descaling of water systems and equipment.
• Pre commission cleaning of new installations.

Chemical Sampling and Testing
All non microbial testing, such as closed water system analysis, is carried out in house by trained personnel (accredited to Water management Society standards).

Water Hygiene

The risk from Legionella in water systems is greatly reduced if regular monitoring is carried out as part of the legionella risk management control scheme.
Our experienced team will ensure that the health risks are fully managed and that that non
conformances are notified and dealt with in an efficient manner.

Our monitoring systems incorporate the following
• Temperature monitoring of hot & cold water services
• Record keeping – Paper log books or Electronic web based systems
• Tank Inspections, refurbishment and replacement
• Shower descales & disinfection
• Clean & disinfection of domestic water systems
• Cooling system clean and chlorination in accordance with ACOP L8
• Pre-treatment plant servicing and disinfection of softener resin beds in accordance with ACOP L8
• Microbiological analysis of water samples undertaken by independent UKAS accredited laboratories.
• Compliance with current water regulations and code of practice

Legionella Risk Assessments:
A Legionella Risk Assessment is often the first step in identifying the risk of legionella from water systems. The next step is the implementation of a proactive risk management programme which will recommend the processes and actions required to control the identified risks and will also ensure regulatory compliance.

Our risk management programmes will:
• Identify and assess the sources of risk from Legionella and other pathogenic microorganisms in
water systems through a risk assessment
• Prepare a scheme for preventing or controlling the risk utilising a water hygiene monitoring

• Determine who is the person to be managerially responsible
• Recommend any training programs for staff involved in the maintenance of water systems
• Implement and manage precautions
• Keep auditable records of the precautions implemented

Keywords: Azure

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