Hair Removal for Men: Four Major Measures

By: Hair Laser Removal Information  11/12/2010
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Growth of hair in different parts of the body is natural, but some people do not feel easy with hair on their back, chest and several open parts of their body. It is a fact that women are more concerned with appearance of hair on the parts they are to keep exposed. That men too do not feel comforts with the hair is no less than a fact. There are some measures available for hair removal for men, but all the measures are not comfortable. Sometimes it is not painless, and sometimes, it is really expensive.

It is difficult to state that there is any permanent solution of this problem. Body hair may be removed temporarily. It is always possible. Attempts have been made to find a permanent result. The following are the methods for .

Creams produced by several companies are available in the market. Those are depilatory cream, actually chemicals used to shave the body hair. It provides temporary effect as hair would grow again and within a short time. A rider is always there. Generally, a patch over the area from where the hair has been removed appears. Of course, patch of this kind is seen after use of such cream for numbers of time.

Waxing and sugaring is better for hair removal for men. When warm Sugar gel or wax is applied over the skin having hair follicles by expert esthetician one does not feel hurt. Good effect of using sugar gel or wax is that skin of the man becomes smooth and that hair grows rather slowly. A man can have a longer gap to think for its re-use.

Laser hair removal has great demand now-a-days. It is time-consuming and expensive, no doubt. The hair follicles are considerably heated and rate of re-growth is restricted to a great extent. The rate of re-growth is lowered after four or five use. Men should avail laser hair removal treatment at least twice a year.

Electrolysis may be considered as permanent method of hair removal for men. The professionals should have sound expertise so that men who have approached to get rid of undesirable hair are least pained. Electrolysis is no less painful than sugaring, waxing and laser hair removal. A very fine needle is allowed to slip over each of the hair and attempt is made to take them out from the root. Sometimes, extra treatments are required to avoid re-growth of the hair and also scarring and infection.

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