Slip Ring used in Cable Reel Application

Slip Ring used in Cable Reel Application from Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD

By: Barlin Times Technology Co.,LTD  26/11/2015
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Cable reel is also called cable plate or cable winder, which has the main features of smaller installation space, convenient maintenance, reliable performance and low cost etc. Most of us should know that, cable reel is used to replace the sliding contact line as mobile transmission ( power, data and fluid ) in the field of mainstream solution. Also, cable reel is a kind device that provide motive power, control power and control signal for large mobile equipment. It is widely used in heavy machinery equipment application, say port cranes, container cranes, loading machine and tower cranes. To make sure all cable line are always unrestricted in the cable reel, this should cannot leave with slip ring. We called it cable reel slip ring, which play an very important factor in it. As per different installation way of slip ring, it could be divided into three slip ring built-in-type slip ring, mounted outside slip ring, cantilever type slip ring. One of the built-in type slip ring has compact design and structure, also nice appearance. However, mounted outside slip ring is easier maintenance and cantilever type slip ring is suitable for coiling long and heavy cable. About the slip ring in cable reel application, it mainly has below features: 1.Some of cable reel has strict demand on sealed degree, standard is IP54 2.Height above sea level is not more than 2 kilometer 3.Working temperature could be -20℃~+60℃ 4.Some in damp, splashing water, water jet and corrosion of liquid aerosols workplace 5.Some of has high demand about the shock and vibration when install equipment 6.Longer life time and maintenance free According to our professional experience in the slip ring field, cable reel end user always used our capsule slip ring for 22mm, through hole design for THR-025T/038T/050T, mercury slip ring for A4H, A6H and A8H. Barlin Times could provide the best suitable solution for you as per your different application with good price and high quality. We are waiting for your contacting. Barlin Times

Keywords: 电缆卷筒滑环, 帽式滑环, 过孔式滑环, 水银滑环, slip ring,

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