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By: kiguruone  28/10/2013
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Father Christmas Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/father-christmas.html

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Hamtaro Kigurumi from kiguruone thumbnail

Hamtaro Kigurumi

Hamtaro Adult Kigurumi animal onesies.Although Hamtaro does not speak human words, http://www.kiguruone.com/hamtaro-kigurumi-animal-onesies.html

Hippo Kigurumi Onesies from kiguruone thumbnail

Hippo Kigurumi Onesies

Hippo Kigurumi Onesies

Kigurumi Monster Hunter Merarou from kiguruone thumbnail

Kigurumi Monster Hunter Merarou

Kigurumi Monster Hunter Merarou costumes,Black onesies increase somewhat mysterious.The footprints of chest like pink. http://www.kiguruone.com/kigurumi-monster-hunter-merarou.html

Gloomy Bear Black kigurumi kiguruone.com from kiguruone thumbnail

Gloomy Bear Black kigurumi kiguruone.com

http://www.kiguruone.com/gloomy-bear-black-kigurumi.html The story about the violent bear is like this: children Pity on the way home found empty land has a small carton, inside put a pink abandoned baby bear.Looking at it naive face feel very poor, home to raise it.Home after the little boy's mother felt bear not clean, told the boy to help him washing, wash, and then into the home.This is only the baby bear (Gloomy).

Stuffed animal from kiguruone thumbnail

Stuffed animal

Stuffed animal : Rilakkuma stuffed animals, Minion Stuffed animal http://www.kiguruone.com/stuffed-animals.html

Disney Jack Skellington Kigurumi from kiguruone thumbnail

Disney Jack Skellington Kigurumi

Disney Jack Skellington Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/disney-jack-skellington-kigurumi.html

Scramp Kigurumi Onesies from kiguruone thumbnail

Scramp Kigurumi Onesies

Scramp Kigurumi Onesies,In the "Lilo & Stitch" is Stitch‘s toy, Although he looks strange, http://www.kiguruone.com/scramp-kigurumi-onesies.html

Agent P Kigurumi from kiguruone thumbnail

Agent P Kigurumi

Agent P Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/agent-p-kigurumi.html

Triceratops Kigurumi Onesies from kiguruone thumbnail

Triceratops Kigurumi Onesies

Triceratops is later appear a type dinosaur, looks terrible, but is very popular. http://www.kiguruone.com/triceratops-kigurumi-onesies.html

Green Mutalisk Kigurumi Dragon from kiguruone thumbnail

Green Mutalisk Kigurumi Dragon

reen Mutalisk Kigurumi Dragon,Although the name is called "Mutalisk", but the appearance looks like China's "dragon".

Care Bears Adult Kigurumi www.kiguruone.com from kiguruone thumbnail

Care Bears Adult Kigurumi www.kiguruone.com

Care Bears Adult Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/care-bears-adult-kigurumi.html

Bad Badtz - Maru Kigurumi kiguruone.com from kiguruone thumbnail

Bad Badtz - Maru Kigurumi kiguruone.com

Bad Badtz - Maru Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/bad-badtz-maru-kigurumi.html

Devil Bear Akkuma Kigurumi kiguruone.com from kiguruone thumbnail

Devil Bear Akkuma Kigurumi kiguruone.com

Devil Bear Akkuma Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/devil-bear-akkuma-kigurumi.html

Bengal Tiger Kigurumi from kiguruone thumbnail

Bengal Tiger Kigurumi

Bengal Tiger Kigurumi http://www.kiguruone.com/bengal-tiger-kigurumi.html