Virtual Call Centre Services

By: Vir2all  13/09/2010
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We have the largest 24-7 Bureau available in the United Kingdom. We can take

• calls

• orders

• Requests for information

• Give out information

• Product support

• Messages

As a result of being a remote call centre without limitations of the buildings or the costs associated with running large call centres we can guarantee that we are the lowest cost bureau facility in the UK today.

Dedicated Seats

We can manage your operational seats on a standby or fully operational basis. We can provide seats for

• Overflow

• 24-7

• Language skills

• Trained operators

• Disaster recovery

• Business Continuity

• Expansion

• Replacement or back fill

We can sit alongside current operations to ensure that the service you provide is maintained at 100% at all times.


We operate our centre on a 24-7 basis 365 days a year so you don’t have to. We can operate on your system through our integration or we can run a real time back up and transfer to ensure that we work in partnership with your company.

24 – 7 means that your business will never miss another call, or another opportunity so why not contact and get more information. We guarantee you will not find a better service than ours and you will benefit from the lower cost operational model.

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