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Fly fishing lessons from The Fly Fishing Instructor

By: The Fly Fishing Instructor  15/08/2016
Keywords: fly fishing, trout fishing, Trout Fishery

Everything you need to know and learn to fly fish and catch a trout. I will run you through the tackle we use, rod, reel and line. We will then learn and practice the basic casting techniques you need to master. Next we will look at basic knots and fly selection, you should now be fishing. As you continue to improve your casting you will learn how to think like a trout. What depth are they feeding at? on the surface or down deeper. What are they feeding on? so we can match our fly more accuratly. What sort of retrieve should you be using slow? fast or static. Remember the point of fly fishing is to cast your fly out to the trout and mimic their natural food. In order to do this we cast and retrieve the line by hand , making the fly move in the water to provoke a take. The ultimate goal is to hook a trout but that can sometimes be the easy part. You need to learn to play the fish. This involves keeping the line tight so the fly stays hooked but allowing the fish to run / swim so it does not snap the leader. Once the fish is tyring (anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour depending on the size) it is ready to be netted. After this the fish can either be killed and taken home at the end of the day or released alive, depending on fishery rules and your viewpoint. If you wish to take the trout I will also show you how to clean / gut it and even give you advice on how to cook it.

Keywords: fly fishing, Fly Fishing Lessons, Trout Fishery, trout fishing

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