Cheaper call rates and network services from IP500 and TML - FREE ISDN installation

Cheaper call rates and network services from IP500 and TML - FREE ISDN installation from

By:  15/11/2009
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At IP500 we supply telephone lines PSTN (Analogue), ISDN2e (BRI), ISDN30e (PRI) and SIP Trunks. We also supply other network connections including leased lines, Broadband ADSL and SDSL. We can help in reducing call costs using Carrier Preselection (CPS). We can also supply Non geographic numbers including 0800, 0870 and 0845 numbers

 Least cost routing (LCR) is a method of reducing your company's telecommunication costs, whether you are calling to a mobile, abroad or just anywhere in the UK. Saving you up to 60%.

LCR has come about since the government passed the bill to de-regulate the national telephone system. This ended the BT monopoly, enabling other carriers to offer cheaper phone calls.

More and more companies are looking to other providers in order to route calls more cost-effectively. The providers are categorised into different levels. The top level (Tier 1) providers are companies such as BT, Opal, WorldCom and Cable & Wireless to name but a few. At IP500 we assure you that our routing is exclusively offered via Tier 1 providers only. This ensures that your call quality is not affected as with some of the lower tier providers.

Cost management is increasingly becoming one of the key factors to commercial success, and as a result, few businesses can afford to ignore the opportuntunity of LCR in making their telecommunications more cost effective.

Changing to LCR is a straightforward procedure without the need to change your existing telephone number or line.

The service can be accessed in a number of ways: -
CPS (Carrier Pre Select) this is where all call are routed via the exchange this eliminates the need for auto diallers and system programming and reduces “spillage” to 0 unlike traditional auto diallers and system programming

As home or small business user you can programme a memory button on your telephone or fax with a four-digit access code. Then use the button before dialling as usual.

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