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By:  12/01/2011
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Private Landlords

Do you have private rooms or properties To Let in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury Vale, Chilterns, South Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe and District, Buckinghamshire?

If 'Yes':  List your Lettings on to Houseflys website and increase your online exposure to the techno generation.  Private tenants are searching for you.  Stop them from resorting to letting agents and make sure they find you first on Houseflys!

Manage your own listings direct, 24/7.  Load up your lettings portfolio on to your own dedicated account, activate your listings instantly when you have a vacancy.  Houseflys do all the rest!

Houseflys will link your listings to Google maps
Create a dedicated blog about your lettings
Tweet to the world that your letting is live now
Instant Alerts sent to registered searching tenants
Secure online payment via PayPal

List on Houseflys from just £2 per week upto £10 for 10 weeks
I's Scandalous.  Cheeper than Chips and Cheeper than the Newspaper Classifieds they're wrapped in!  Tweet...

To Register, List Your Lettings or to receive 'Accommodation Wanted' Alerts, just visit: 

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