Personal Training for your Insides - Pelvic Floor Strengthening for women

By: GetFit2...  19/10/2013
Keywords: Health Professions Council, Stress Incontinence, Female Personal Trainer

“I am embarrassed to say that all of a sudden I seem unable to so much as cough or sneeze without a slight accident” Many women are embarrassed to admit that when they so much as cough or sneeze...let alone jump or run around, they leak urine. It’s not too late and there is no need to be embarrassed. Half of women will experience a pelvic floor disorder in their life and many women suffer in silence which can lead to decreased self-confidence. Pfilates is the term for pelvic floor pilates. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises work on conditioning those often forgotten muscles to naturally increase the support for the pelvic organs. It is much more than Kegals and squeeze and release exercises. This is personal training for your insides! It is ideal for women with pelvic floor problems, such as stress incontinence and also for strengthening of those muscles after childbirth, which gives hope to women sufferers. Penny Carman is a personal trainer specialising in women’s health and fitness. She is only one of a few UK professionals trained in the PFilates method. She will coach you in muscle strengthening using functional exercises to work the pelvic floor and supporting muscles and also give advice and guidance on bladder retraining, lifestyle and techniques to help you enjoy being active again without worrying. Get the help you need without embarrassment and in your own home with a friendly, approachable female personal trainer who has trained in the Pfilates method. Pelvic floor strengthening so you can enjoy running about and have a good belly laugh or cough without embarrassment. Contact Penny at GetFit2 now to make the first move to improved health and fitness

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