Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Training Course

Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Training Course from Edge NLP Limited

By: Edge NLP Limited  14/09/2010
Keywords: personal development, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming

“Create your life … the way you want it!

”Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner Training runs consecutively with our Hypnosis Practitioner Training course, over 4 days.  To attend, you must hold an NLP Practitioner Certificate issued by an ABNLP approved training company.  You will receive accreditation as a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ by the ABTLT.  

Throughout history, humankind has been aware of the passage of time. Aristotle was the first to mention the “stream of time” in his book Physics IV. William James spoke of linear memory storage as early as 1890. Finally, the concept, nearly forgotten, was revived in the late 1970′s with the advent of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Time Line Therapy™ techniques in use today are a consequence of that.

Time Line Therapy™ training by Edge NLP will teach you a collection of techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life, create your future as you want it and also use the skills you've learnt to empower others.

1.  Negative Emotions

Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow freedom from undesired negative emotions; such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt by releasing these emotions from the memories that harvest them. You are then able to react freely to future situations – without the emotional baggage of the past

2.  Limiting Decisions
Limiting decisions and beliefs prevent you from achieving your potential. These decisions and beliefs have come about as a result of past experiences but may have stayed with you ’til today and have limited your life in many ways.  “I’m just not good enough ” “I‘ll never be rich” ring any bells? Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow you to leave these decisions and beliefs in the past where they belong and to learn from your experiences – thus enabling you to create useful and empowering alternatives

3.  Creating Your Future
Finally, having resolved the unresolved issues in the past, Time Line Therapy™ gives us a specific way of creating our future dreams and goals in a simple process that produces results. The process involves using our imagination to create a compelling future that is inspirational and which brings about the desired outcomes.

Join us and learn how to let go of everything holding you back from becoming who you really want to be, personally and professionally!

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