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NLP Practitioner Training from Edge NLP Limited

By: Edge NLP Limited  13/09/2010
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NLP Practitioner Training - for individuals and businesses, providing 40 hours credit towards your personal CPD (Continuing Personal Development) goals.

We offer 6 day intensive NLP Practitioner Training courses, accredited by the ABNLP.  When you come on board, you'll firstly receive a pre-course study pack of manual and audio files, together with an exam paper.  The exam paper is totally open book, and you'll find all of the answers in your material.  It's part of the syllabus we train to, and it ensure we have a good grasp of your understanding of the theory which underpins NLP.  This means that when you attend for training, you experience 6 days of interactive, experiential learning - it also means that you become an accredited NLP Practitioner who can really walk the talk.

We’re often asked who will benefit from attending an NLP Practitioner course.  The answer is everyone; whether you’re a corporate business professional, self-employed individual, housewife or student.  You will benefit from attending an NLP Practitioner course if you’re looking to make use of the phenomenal tools that NLP is going to give you which will empower you to make changes to enable you to live a hugely fulfilling life right now.

if ...

You - you could be totally in control and take responsibility for yourself and your future?
You - you could become whoever you want to become and successfully achieve everything you set out to do and more?
You - you could erase fears, habits, old beliefs and even phobias?
You - you could leave negative thoughts and past experiences exactly there, in the past, and move on?
You - youcould have motivation on tap and learn to create and accomplish goals that will change your world?
You - you could learn how to build deep rapport with anyone to enable you to communicate effectively?
You - you could stop merely existing and really live life to the full?

The best time is the present and the greatest investment you ever make will be in yourself.  Is it time to really start living, know yourself and achieve your goals?  We think so!

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