OMG Currys at The Place Milton Keynes are a great big pile of poo

OMG Currys at The Place Milton Keynes are a great big pile of poo from Currys

By: Currys  05/02/2013
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OMG Currys are a great big pile of poo 1st problem (which made me swear to never buy from them again) - I bought an Ipod because it said it came with free speakers, only it didn't arrive with any speakers. I called Currys to ask if they were on the way. Nope - apparently I didn't add them to my basket. Why should I have to add the freebie to the basket? I went back through all the pages to double check I hadn't missed it saying in big or small letters 'add to basket' nope. It took them 3 weeks to get a refund to me and I never did get my delivery cost back. I vowed I'd never shop there again.... Only.... 2. 2nd Problem : Lucky me by boyfriend bought me a laptop for Christmas....unfortunelty from Currys. Although I was obviously delighted, when he told me it was from Currys I was a little dubious. I was right to be, within 6 months the right mouse button had completely stopped working. Still under warrenty I sent it to be repaired. They had it 6 days and when it came back not only had they not fixed the initial problem they'd somehow corroded the keyboard and created software problems too. It went back again, another 6 days - mouse and keyboard fixed - software problems still - despite my bf asking them to check it thoroughly before we made the effort to drive over there and pick it up. We did take it back and this time stood there until we were given a full refund at which point they took the computer off me. No offer to back it up or anything to say 'we're sorry'. I also contacted the online customer service via email. Apparently they are distressed to hear of my problems (not as much as I am) but there's naff all they can do apart from offer me a free repair which I'd already get under my warrenty. My advice do not ever buy from Currys because as soon as things go wrong you're on your own! You know a shops has very bad customer service when they need signs at the customer service point telling them you're not allowed to harm the staff in anyway despite how rude they are to you.

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