My Service is to protect potential customers from being ripped off by Currys DSG

My Service is to protect potential customers from being ripped off by Currys DSG from Currys

By: Currys  05/02/2013
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Here's n extract from a letter I sent to currys head office....DO YOU THINK IT WILL DO ME ANY GOOD? Dear Sir/Madam, My wife bought myself a laptop from Currys in Milton Keynes,which had developed a fault with the screen. screen A further fault developed, A red blotchy line extending out from the first fault, duly noticed after merely opening the laptop. I rang Currys Helpline on 23rd August and it was collected from me on 25th August. After 3 weeks 14th September it was finally returned to me with the fault UNREPAIRED. I immediately rang the helpline to be told by HASSAN that he was at a loss to why this had happened. I asked to speak to a supervisor which HASSAN enquired after, and was refused this request, as all supervisors were too busy.I requested a callback from a supervisor, which has still not materialized. HASSAN , as I was later to find out, misinformed me, that an arrangement to recollect the laptop could be organized, and declared a write off, therefore issuing me with a replacement laptop. He informed me the laptop was not inspected by TECH GUYS, but by another subcontracted company MERCOM based in Poole, Dorset. I rang MERCOM’s Helpdesk at 15:00 and to ask why the fault was not fixed. The lady whom I spoke with informed me, it was because I had no COVERPLAN, and they were not authorised to repair it as they were assuming it had suffered Accidental Damage. This was wholly inaccurate. I had not manhandled the machine in any such way to incite the resulting fault.I have to ask, if the laptop was so easily damaged, then it is made from inferior components that do not lend themselves to general wear and tear, and appropriate usage. After logging into MERCOM’s Job Tracker I could view the report. They had received my laptop on 26th August. WHY had it taken nearly 3 weeks to return my laptop when no action was ever likely to be taken? WHY was I not given some courtesy call to relate their diagnosis? WHY was my laptop returned with NO explanation? I then proceeded to take the laptop back to the store it was purchased from. I asked to speak with a manager, and instead spoke with the deputy manager. Matt, made a series of phone calls to TECH GUYS. After locating some-one of some authority with TECH GUYS, it transpired I was misinformed by Hassan about receiving a replacement laptop, and that they had made a decision it was down to Accidental damage. HOW CAN THEY COME TO THIS DECISION WHEN THEY HAVE NOT EVEN LOOKED AT IT THEMSELVES, WHEN THE JOB WAS SUBCONTRACTED OUT TO MERCOM? TECH GUYS advised they would do no more, and the Milton Keynes store was open to resolve the matter on a discretionary basis. As Matt had not the authority to give a replacement he informed me the manager when returning to the store on 16th August be told of the situation, so that a decision could be made. I returned to the store on Thursday 16th September to be informed the store manager was in a meeting, but had taken the decision that my request for a repair or replacement was to be declined. I was to take the matter up with Head Office. I am disappointed once again, by the store managers attitude to have pre-made his decision, without even meeting with me in person or looking at the laptop, so I could present my case.In essence, he doesn’t really care.It’s easier to pass the buck elsewhere. Yet again, another example of dereliction of customer care. Is this the type of customer care that is prevalent within DSG Retail? I, the customer have to make endless phone calls at my own cost, and detective work to try and resolve a problem, that was none of my making? Is the customer no longer King anymore, and reduced to Serf status? I dutifully escalate this issue to yourselves, so that you may organize to fix my laptop to the requisite standard I would expect from a 9 month old, £400, piece of equipment, at no further expense to myself. Should this matter, not be successfully resolved, then I will procure independent evidence to substantiate my claim, at my initial expense, and seek to recover these costs from you through litigation. I am hoping that you will resolve this matter, to my satisfaction. I give you fourteen days to respond to my complaint.

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