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By: Currys  05/02/2013

Currys - Terrible Instore Service Sorry for rant but I am angry (and out of pocket a fortune on phone calls to several 0870 numbers)! On 29th October I bought a £200 digital camera from local currys branch. A week later we had time to work out how to use it so charged it fully up but found that the battery only lasted about an hour before needing charged again - this happened a couple of times so we contacted Canon number in the manual. They gave us an incident number and said to return it to the store as it sounded like a battery or internal working problem so we should switch it over. I phoned Currys the following day to see if they had them in stock, they had 3 so my hubby popped in the following day to exchange the less than 2 weeks old camera thinking all shoulf be fine as Canon ok'd it and so did Currys over the phone - silly us!! The shop assistant was rude and unhelpful and despite us having the receipt, all packaging, proof of fault, canon indicent number and that it was less than 2 weeks old bought from that store they refused to exchange it! My husband phoned me from mobile and I spoke to assistant stating sale of goods act etc but he said I had to phone another phone number to get an RMEI Returns Number AND that they might only repair the 2 week old camera! Very annoyed at this time I told my husband to stay in the shop and I phoned the number (Canon Service Center and spoke to a lady who gave me another number to call the Canon Sales Rep. THis was an answer machine message which told me to phone another number then this other number was a machine saying to leave a message!! I went back to canon service centre and lady there explained the SHOP should be phoning about for a returns number and that we should get an exchange no problem and were within our rights to ask for refund instead of just exchange as we were doing. Finally I had to phone the shop back after many further phone calls to currys and canon and told the salesman they all said we were entitled to exchange camera with no problem and that he could call them for confirmation - he still refused and I could not get passed him to manager as he always answered the phone! Had to then go back onto 0870 number (grrrr) at currys and get one of them to phone the branch and FINALLY after around an hour in the shop my husband was allowed to exchange the camera - he realised this as the sales assist went "there" and slammed camera box on table and walked away - another sales assist then took hubbys details etc and gave him the camera. So beware - sale of goods act on canon confirmed faulty cameras at The Place Milton Keynes Currys branch is seems. If this much hassle after two weeks I pray it does not break down after 6 months or so!

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OMG Currys at The Place Milton Keynes are a great big pile of poo

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