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Zip 10 from Chilvers Reprographics

By: Chilvers Reprographics  27/10/2010
Keywords: finishing equipment, document finishing


Zip 10

The ZIP-10 cutter/slitter is a unique machine designed specifically to handle business cards and other multiple-up products that have been produced on a variety of printing methods.

This business card cutter uses a replaceable adjustable blade cassette to slit and/or score the sheet as it passes through the machine. A guillotine cutter cross cuts the sheet as it is advanced through the ZIP-10 by the programmable paper drive. The combination allows common products (like 10-up business cards) to be accurately processed in a single pass.

When running business cards, a 6mm strip is removed from between the two rows of cards and a cut is made on each side. Card length is varied using the programmable cutter. This control allows a scissor cut or a variable size gutter to be removed between individual cards. Card width is adjustable mechanically.

Combined with a laser or inkjet printer, the ZIP-10 allows low-medium volume business cards and other multiple-up products to be produced with ease.

Keywords: document finishing, finishing equipment

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