By: Chilvers Reprographics  22/10/2010
Keywords: finishing equipment, document finishing, Digital Print Finishing

 The Speedcreasa puts fast creasing or perforating into a small table top design.  The Speedcreasa uses high quality precision engineered creasing perforating tools previously only available on large commercial machines such as Stahl, MBO GUK etc.

The Speedcreasa makes use of the new, patented Tri-Creaser technology which uses a unique rubber creasing rib that is the key to perfect creasing on digital or offset stocks, regardless of grain direction. It is gentle even on difficult stocks and produces a deep sharp crease without cracking.  The Tri-Creaser has 8 built-in crease settings to accommodate a vast range of stock weights.

  • Hand fed design minimises waste sheets on short-run jobs (you won’t be throwing click charges in the waste basket)
  • Fast make-ready
  • Will not scuff sensitive digital sheets!
  • Heavy duty 36mm shafts with precise micro adjustments for stock thickness.
  • Max output speed up to 5000 per hour.


    1.    Ease of use - Easy adjust drive beam pressure settings for varying stock thickness and print applications.
    2.    Perfect - Double side lays for perfect feed and page crease registration.
    3.    Flexible - 480mm working width for many paper formats.
    4.    Quality - Utilises tried and tested high quality engineered, unique Tri-Creaser tool.
    5.    Unique - A specially formulated, unique rubber creasing rib forms a deep, sharp, quality crease without being hard or destructive on paper stock.
    6.    Multiple crease - Up to eight creases are possible in one pass (with optional tools).
    7.    No cracking - A deep and sharp crease without cracking or damage to digitally printed stock.

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