Biggerrocks.Com Welcomes A Style Advisor To Improve Sellers' Listings With Strategic Descriptions

By: BiggerRocks  16/03/2015
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The online jewellery marketplace is pleased to announce the appointment of a Style Advisor. The Style Advisor will be working closely with sellers to provide them the assistance they need in terms of describing their rings in the most suggestive way to attract buyers. The Advisor will be directly posting strategically-written descriptions onto the listing, supporting sellers to sell their rings within a shorter period of time. is quickly emerging as one of the most visited online marketplaces for selling and buying pre-owned rings in the UK. From its launch last year, the marketplace has been dedicated to providing both buyers and sellers with the best possible experience and value. The website assists sellers throughout the entire listing process which includes photographing their ring, pricing their ring, describing their ring, selling their ring and receiving a great value for their ring. “Trying to hang on to the relationship can be counterproductive, but at least some financial expenses will be recovered. To help those who are looking to sell their unwanted rings to recover as much of their rings' financial value as possible, we have introduced a Style Advisor who helps make sellers' listings more eye-catching with the use of evocative and persuasive language. Now not only offers an outlet to part with the rings from past relationships, but also offers the best opportunity to make the most out of those rings.” Said the General Manager of, Richard. With this new addition, can now get sellers even more cash for their rings through the Style Advisor's active participation in describing the used engagement rings and used wedding rings for sale. Sellers can now expect to get much better value for their rings than other options available online as well as offline. Company Information: is a web-based marketplace that offers sellers and buyers of pre-owned rings in the UK with the best possible value, security and service for both the buying and selling processes. Each ring listed on the site is authenticated by a qualified, independent gemmologist. Besides making things hassle-free for buyers as well as sellers, the marketplace also provides a trusting environment to buy and sell second hand rings online. Contact Information: Suite 30, M+M 23 Perevel Drive, Grandy I.E., Milton Keynes, MK1 1NW. Phone: 020 3290 2882 E-mail: [email protected]

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