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Domed Vinyl Labels Tel. 070 9298  2117 from Promos ADM

By: Promos ADM   13/11/2009
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The Domed Vinyl Labels protects the print and is UV resistant letting you use your domed labels for interior and exterior use without fading or yellow the colors of your original logo.

It is made of polyurethane poured over each domed stickers forming a clear dome giving it a high quality 3D appearance.

We design and manufacture Domed Vinyl Labels for the following applications:

* Keyboards
* Electronics
* Key Chains
* Trophy’s
- Trucks
* Boats
* Product Identification
- Golf accesories

Domed Vinyl Labels

What types of shapes can be domed? Any shape without square corners or without corner radiuses less than 0.10" can be produced. Complex construction is available as well. There are many other shapes of domed decalsthat are available with cutouts, embossed domes, shapes containing transparent windows and others.

Ink / Color: Dome Labels and Decals are digitally printed, four color stickers. They are usually built with spot colors and Pantone® colors from CMYK. When requesting pms matches, request a sample proof to verify color match.

Material: The most common Dome Tag and Decal material is the 2mil shiny silver chrome material, also 2mil brushed silver and 2mil white.

Domed decals: This top layer of the Dome Label consists of polyurethane that is poured, as a liquid, over the ink, onto the material.

The Domed Vinyl Labels takes a period of time to cure to the material and harden into a crystal clear protective coating that gives the domed stickers the high-end look that customer's notice.

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