Step 1-Colour Experience for Ladies

By: Style By Jo  29/06/2010
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Get some colour in your life and ditch the black! Draping with colours Have you sat in a cafe and watched people walking past you and thought just how many people wear beige or black? Those people wearing beige may think it’s the safe option for them and those wearing black may think ‘It’s very slimming’. Except of course black makes many people look drained and unhealthy and it’s shapes and styles that help with slimming not just colour. We can all wear every colour but it’s all about which SHADE you can wear. The system we use is based on the Munsell system of colour measurement. There are three characteristics – hue, value and chroma. This replaced the seasonal concept just over 10 years ago. The ‘hue’ defines a colour’s undertones which may be warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based). As an example you might have a cool ‘blue’ red ( a plum-coloured red) or a warm ‘orange’ red (a tomato red). The ‘value’ of a colour refers to its depth, giving a measure of its lightness or darkness. Munsell used a scale of 0 to 10, with black being 0 and white being 10 with all shades of grey in between. The ‘chroma’ indicates the purity or clarity of a colour. Some colours are bright and vibrant and reflect light whilst others are muted and soft and seem to absorb light. The chroma scale ranges from 0 to 14 with 0 being the most greyed and 14 the clearest. When you come for a colour consultation with me, I will talk you through the process and judge which which colours will do you justice and put a sparkle in your eyes and a brightness to your skin tone. A very important element for me is that YOU LOVE YOUR COLOURS! I’ve had too many people visit me after having had theirs done elsewhere. You are safe in my hands. Once you have your full palette of 42 colours you’ll be treated to a complete make up using the Colour Me Beautiful range of mineral based products and again, I’ll match according to your colouring. This is the point I have to drag many clients away from the mirror because they are AMAZED at the transformation! I will spend time draping you with your full palette of colours and showing you new and different colour combinations, so you can return home and revamp your wardrobe! Investment £130 and 1 hour 30 minutes You take away: 42 colour swatch wallet to use as a guide when shopping and a personalised cosmetic prescription. Book now! Phone 07972 770 841 Email [email protected] You can bring a friend and have the double experience for £130 each over 3 hours.

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