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Thermal Tapes and Films from YEG Opto

By: YEG Opto  23/09/2009
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KERATHERM® are highly flexible products comprising thermally conductive and electrically insulating single or multi-component polymers filled with ceramic or heat conducting materials. When mechanically reinforced by the incorporation of fibreglass or other materials, KERATHERM® offers the user a versatile product that is superior in many aspects to conventional ceramic or mica discs.

Advantages and Properties

KERATHERM®- heat-conducting films are characterized by their high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation properties.

In contrast to discs made of mica, aluminum or polyamide, KERATHERM® can be used without a heat- conducting compound.

Compared to the thermal com-pounds still frequently used, KERATHERM® does not dry out during continuous use hence retaining its good thermal conductivity properties over the years.

By using KERATHERM® products, mounting problems such as smearing and assembly errors can be avoided.

Silicone-based KERATHERM® facilitates component mounting thanks to their self-adhesive properties.

An optionally available single-sided adhesive coating also allows long-term attachment, even up-side down.

Thermal Management Material
Material for heat dissipation used in the electronic industry, automotive industry, machine industry, electrical industry, medical technology, aerospace industry

KERATHERM® - Products
Standard Films up to 8 W/mK available in different thicknesses
Phase Change Material with defined wax melt-on temperatures

Thermal Grease
Softtherm Film (low hardness, low thermal resistance) flexible circuit board material
Spaceform® - 3 dimensional molding compound(kneadable)

Ferrite products as film or sealing compound e.g. used in EMC-shielding molding compound available as bundle or already dispensed e.g. on heat sinks

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Can be used without a heat conducting compound
  • Does not dry out during continuous use
  • Smearing and assembly errrors can be avoided
  • Self adhesive properties

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