Ceramic Heat Sinks

Ceramic Heat Sinks from YEG Opto

By: YEG Opto  23/09/2009
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The new Ceramic heat sink solution form CeramCool is simple and extremely reliable. It offers a strong solution for thermally sensitive components and circuits thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity and stability characteristics and its compact form. CeramCool® is the ideal Heat-Sink for high-power LEDs and electronics.

  • Good EMC
  • Ideal for metallization
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Electrical insulation
  • High volume resistivity
  • Thermal cycling stability
  • High breakthrough voltage
  • No corrosion
  • No water intrusion
  • Custom shapes possible

CeramCool is made from proven ceramic materials such as Rubalit 708®, Rubalit 710® or Alunit®. These materials possess excellent electrical characteristics, good electromagnetic compatibility and have a thermal expansion coefficient of semiconductor materials. At the same time they are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. CeramCool might be exposed directly to the atmosphere economizing on additional insulation, cooling systems.




Predicting thermal behaviour before prototypin is flexible and can be used for different targets. It’s your choice whether you run a LED on its optimum temperature assuring high life time and high lumen per Watt or you accept higher temperatures reducing life time and efficiency. A temperature spread from 50 °C to 110 °C is common. If more lumina are needed the 4 W-Heat-Sink can be equipped with 5 W or 6 W LEDs. Splitting the power into several 1 W LEDs helps to get a better heat spreading. The results are 65 °C with 5 W and 70 °C with 6 W. Most CeramCool customers applications are specific and need customized solutions. These solutions can be simulated and modeled before prototyping.These simulation models have been verified against various tests and showed reliable correlations to test results. Based on this knowledge, new concepts or variations can be evaluated by our scientific partner Altair Engineering GmbH.



The new CeramCool GU10 LED spot works with any LED. Socket and reflector are made from a single material: a high-performance ceramic.With a high 4 Watt voltage LED it only reaches a maximum temperature of below 60 °C, so both lifetime and light output are increased.

Indirect light and continuous ceramic construction delight the eye. 

The CeramCool GU10 LED spot has a fully ceramic construction. Takes any LED. Simple class II construction with safe insulation. Designs are developed in consultation with customers.

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