Windscreen chip repair and glass scratch polishing

Windscreen chip repair and glass scratch polishing from Glass Doctors

By: Glass Doctors  28/03/2009

Glass Doctors brought windscreen repair to the UK in 1988! Windscreen chip repair originated in the USA and was then franchised into the UK by its inventors. You may have only heard of windscreen chip repair recently but we have been doing it for over 20 years. We repair your windscreen chip at home or work and it usually takes under an hour and the vehicle can be driven immediately.

A windscreen repair is ideal if you have failed your MOT test for damage in "zone a" as it will normally be barely visible when it is repaired by Glass Doctors. The repaired windscreen chip is very hard to detect and some people call it an "invisible" mend in that if you didnt know where it was before you are unlikely to spot the damage. Even household name companies are unable to match this high standard of quality repair and are not allowed to repair MOT failures in the a zone. Our windscreen repair technicians are trained for a month on the job and are not allowed to use your car as a training ground unlike some other companies.

Windscreen chip repair is usually free as most insurers will reimburse your Glass Doctors repair bill and it doesnt affect your no claims bonus either. We operate in the Western half of the M25 but have some arrangements with other UK companies.