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By: Firstcall Security Solutions  02/10/2009
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 A service that can be of assistance to individuals and businesses alike, whether you are looking to find a missing person or find out who is behind the disappearance of valuable stock our personnel can easily blend in to any environment remaining covert at all times, with the latest in technology our personnel can record, photograph and trace anything or anyone.   This service is usually a service that people wish to remain private, our staff a highly trained and are prepared to meet with you at a secret location to discuss your requirements, whether they be on a personal or business level.   For more information regarding our Private Investigation Service or to book an appointment (In private or at our offices) with one of our advisors to discuss your requirements please contact our office where one of our staff will be happy to help.

MATRIMONIAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS   Employing the services of a private investigator to check on your partner is always a difficult decision however not knowing can be much more difficult. In most cases it is changes in behaviour that cause the initial suspicions. You need to be sure if these changes are innocent or not. In some cases you will be sure your partner is being unfaithful or at best lying to you and you just need physical proof before you can confront them. If your partner is being unfaithful then you certainly have the right to know. If they are not then you need proof in order to alleviate your uncertainty and stress. It is only by having the facts that you can then confront your partner or get on with your life.   Why do you think your partner is being unfaithful ?   - Acting differently. - Working Late. - Staying Out Late. - New set of friends. - New clothes. - Changes in ways they respond to you .   It is an extremely sad fact the 2 out of 3 marriages end up in divorce. This is due largely to infidelity. It is more difficult to establish figures for unmarried couples but there is no reason to think adultery is any less common whether partners live together or not. Our discretion is paramount in such cases and you can rest assured that your partner will not know of our existence and that you will receive all the evidence you need. This is also important if your partner is innocent as you may not wish to inform him or her of your actions to secure the truth. All of our final reports will be accompanied by photographic and/or video evidence. This will prove that either your fears are justified and that your partner has been unfaithful, or possibly that you have no need to worry as your partner is innocent and you can continue your relationship as normal with peace of mind. Our investigators use high tech surveillance equipment including 'night vision' camera equipment, long range lenses and when necessary body worn hidden video and audio surveillance equipment.  This means that we can still provide you with exceptionally highly detailed evidence even if the subject enters a bar or restaurant. 

FRAUD, THEFT/LOSS, INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS Fraud can be defined as dishonesty with the intent to secure that to which you are not entitled.   Some examples of fraud are:   - theft/stealing - altering records - misrepresentation - acts of omission - false information.   Corporate fraud is very common and also very diverse. It can sometimes be as simple as falsifying time sheets and in other cases criminal activities such as theft. In each investigation we will endeavour to provide you with a variety of evidence that can include photographic, video, audio, incriminating paperwork as well as witness and interview statements. Where possible this evidence will be admissible in court and if necessary we can offer a witness service. Whatever the activity that you want checked we have both the expertise and the specialised equipment required to seek the truth and give you the answers that you deserve.   Below are some of the investigative methods we use;   - Surveillance. - Video and audio evidence. - Undercover work. - Activity checking. - Tracking of vehicles. - Interviewing.   If you do not see the specific type of investigation you require listed it does not mean that we cannot offer you our services to investigate your case, the services we can offer are endless

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