Module I Manual – Creative Writing Techniques

Module I Manual – Creative Writing Techniques from Creascriptum

By: Creascriptum  11/06/2014
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The purpose of this Module I - Creative Writing Techniques - Beginner to Lower Intermediate (ISBN: 978-94-92064-01-1) course is primarily to provide you with a very rich toolkit of practical information regarding creative approaches, methods and techniques, philosophies, artistic values, evocative literary examples and inventive experiments. All of those are meant to assist you in shaping your mindset into a highly creative machinery of artistic originality, resourcefulness and ingenuity for all who wish to improve creativeness, harness talent and add more depth to their artistic faculty. This course is also a highly valuable manual and private coaching coursework providing examples and exercises for those who wish to work in publishing or master professional writing in the English language. This course will teach you not only how to write creatively in English and become the best writer, journalist or columnist of yourself, but also how to think creatively by challenging your mindset to take the road less travelled and apply that creativity to your own profession, whether it be writing/publishing, media or advertising-related. The purpose of this coursework is also to deliver expert theoretical and practical know-how on Creative Writing techniques as to guide Beginner to Lower Intermediate (Module I) minds in acquiring the necessary skills, mindset and expertise in delivering first-class creative fiction writing manuscripts in the English language. The course will assist those wishing to improve their creativity, ingenuity, talent and understanding of artistry inasmuch as it will aid creative minds in learning step-by-step how to write like a professional consecrated author. Note: For a more efficient learning method, it is recommended together with Module I - Creative Writing 100 Assignments Workbook. (ISBN: 978-94-92064-02-8)

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