Rapid Personal Transformation

By: Nicholas Hall | Hallistic.net  08/05/2013
Keywords: anxiety, stop smoking, Stress Counselling

What is Rapid Personal Transformation? RPT is a talk-based transformational technique where you don't have to discuss the details of the problem or relieve sensitive events. It is a simple and economic alternative to counselling and psychotherapy. Bringing together many years' leading research, RPT is a simple and fast way to clear emotional pain and trauma without having to talk. It's simple science! How does RPT work? RPT works through communicating with your feelings and bodily reactions, named survival instincts, that go with the issue. This results in a profoundly fast, effective and lasting method to overcome the problem. At Hallistic.net, measurable results are guaranteed within two sessions. How can RPT help? RPT can support a wide range of conditions including: Stress - mental, emotional or physical; home or work-related stress Anxiety - including Phobias, Traumatic Anxiety and panic attacks Addiction - including quitting smoking and over-eating Raising confidence, self-esteem and self acceptance Resolving lack of life or career direction How do I book an RPT consultation or find out more? To book a session in person with Nicholas Hall, call The Lotus Centre on 01628 524050. Skype sessions are also available.

Keywords: anxiety, Counselling And Psychotherapy, Depression Counselling, Emotional Healing, grief counselling, Panic Attacks, quit smoking, spiritual healing, stop smoking, Stress Counselling

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