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Loft Ladders Direct. Supplied & installed loft ladders from Loft Ladders Direct

By: Loft Ladders Direct  02/02/2009

What we do
Not every home can have a loft ladder. Traditional loft ladders sometimes require clearance inside the loft, and sometimes fixed obstacles inside the loft can prevent the installation. To ensure we give the best service, the "Will it fit" page will provide customers with a simple to follow chart and diagram. Just record all measurements from A to E, then you have a choice to either, call us, fax or E-mail the dimensions, and your request will be dealt with promptly. If on the other hand you need a survey, please do not hesitate to contact us. If a loft ladder can't be fitted for whatever reason, then there is a no cost or obligation to you. However if your choice of ladder can be fitted, we will either fit the ladder at the same time as the survey or make an appointment to fit the loft ladder at a later date. Please note that the loft ladder would be fitted into your existing opening unless you request us to enlarge it. A new hinge down trap door will also be fitted if it is required.