Exterpark Luxury Hardwood Decking available from Exterior Decking

Exterpark Luxury Hardwood Decking available from Exterior Decking from Exterpark

By: Exterpark  22/11/2009
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There are many reasons why Exterpark equals warmth and nature.

Wood is nature's warmest and most noble and exquisite gift to us. Wood is wisdom,

energy, life. Wood is a natural product, and that is precisely why it has the beauty of that

which can never be repeated.

With Exterpark you can extend the limits of outdoor living spaces and enjoy new moments of pleasure,

warmth and nature

Exterpark is synonymous with quality and trust. Exterpark is the answer to your decoration needs. Swimming pools, terraces, gardens, paths and other outdoor spaces of any kind can be transformed into warm and comfortable environments.

Exterpark is the market's leading outdoor decking brand.

Trust and quality

Exterpark equals outdoor design, thanks to its versatility, Exterpark can customise outdoor projects extending your decoration options. Beauty and functionality come together to create spaces which are exclusive, unique and different.

Design and character

Exterpark equals feeling good, with Exterpark you will feel the warmth of wood under your bare feet. Smooth surfaces, bevelled edges and an unrivalled visual effect make Exterpark the best option for your outdoor spaces.

Feel good with the comfort of transforming your life without changing it.

Exterpark is at the forefront of the decking world, a position which has not beenachieved by the result of copying, by chance or by coincidence...

… being at the leader is the result of innovation and devotion!

Invisible fastening system

Only Exterpark has been able to evolve and invent the Exterpark Plus invisible fastening system, a patented revolutionary system with multiple benefits. Exterpark Plus provides a perfect visual finish, without any visible parts of the underlying floor. You will not lose small items in the spaces between boards and, in addition, water will drain perfectly and cleaning dirt and dust will be easy and convenient.

Unlike traditional screws, this revolutionary patented clip-based system makes it possible to secure the deck without damaging it, providing a more visually pleasing finish. The surface does not need to be drilled, which minimises the chance of splinters and cracks and the potential danger they might pose to users.

Guaranteed quality, durability and safety.

Hidden fastening system

outdoor design experts. Exterpark is not just outdoor wooden flooring; Exterpark is a comprehensive outdoor decoration system including, among others, pergolas, planters and lattices.

At Exterpark we are true outdoor decoration experts.

Excellent finishes

Quality can be seen the details. With Exterpark one can achieve differentiation by combining its wide range of finishing special pieces for a perfect fitting regardless of its purpose. Staircases, swimming pool corners, façades, entrance gates and countless other possibilities make Exterpark the best choice. In addition, Exterpark is now also available factory pre-oiled for greater stability, lifespanand performance.

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