Organic Kosher and Organic Halal Meat and Poultry

By: Biblical Foods  14/07/2012
Keywords: diet, foods, pesticides

Carefully selected breeds of organic-fed livestock are reared under natural conditions to ensure maximum meat and poultry quality.
That means :-
No hormones
No antibiotics
No pesticides in the animal feeds
No Genetic engineering
No caged animals
No overcrowding
No artificial additives in the foods
Which also means :-
Genuine Freedom to roam for animals
Happy and supremely healthy animals (it’s like comparing an Olympic athlete with a couch potato) Organic feeds
Livestock is humanely slaughtered by highly trained religious slaughtermen and carcasses are examined by Beth Din personnel to confirm that they are kosher.

Keywords: antibiotics, diet, foods, Healthy Kosher, herbicides, hormones, kosher, pesticides