Mortgage Audit, Do it yourself

By: Mortgage Audits Pro  28/12/2009
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Mortgage Audit is a way to look over your loan documents pertaining to your loan and uncover violations the lender or bank may have initiated when giving you the loan. There are a wide variety of violations and laws which which the lender/bank must abide by when giving you a loan, for both purchase and refinance loans. The laws which govern lending across the United States include Tila and Respa. Both are federally mandated laws and both govern the rules and regulations for lending loans to homeowners. It is reported that 80% of the home loans taken out after the year 2000 have violations on them. Violations range from not properly disclosing the proper terms to apr (annual percentage rate) mistakes to not giving you proper time to rescind the loan.

There are many different violations that can be found. offers a do it yourself
which allows you the homeowner to uncover violations on your home loan then send those violations in the form of a report to the lender. There is also a free loan modification software included as well. The violations you uncover and send to the lender may help you avoid foreclosure, and may even help you get a loan mod approved quicker since it helps you gain leverage. For more information about visit

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