Glycosylation Analysis Service

Glycosylation Analysis Service from M-Scan Ltd

By: M-Scan Ltd  30/11/2009
Keywords: Analytical Services, Recombinant Protein, Glycoprotein

M-Scan's glycosylation analysis service is designed to encompass the requirements of the ICH guidelines. Our analytical services are available to GLP /cGMP together with advice from recognised M-Scan glycan experts.

M-Scan's glycosylation analysis package includes the following:
- Monosaccharide composition analysis of neutral and amino sugars by GC-MS
- Sialic Acid Analysis by HPAEC-PAD to assess levels of sialic acid species such as NeuAc and NeuGc
- Glycosyalion site analysis to assess the population profile of the N-glycans or O-glycans present at each glycosylation site in a glycoprotein
- Oligosaccharide population analysis by MALDI-TOF to assess the overall population profile of the N-glycans or O-glycans present in a glycoprotein.
- Glycan antennary profiling analysis by ESI-MS.
- Linkage (methylation) analysis to determine the identities of the various linkages between the monosaccharides present in a glycoprotein.

The glycosylation analysis service can be tailored to our clients' requirement - individual analyses, or a full glycosylation analysis package can be performed to GLP or GMP.

Keywords: Analytical Services, Glycan analysis, Glycoprotein, Glycosylation Analysis, ICH Q6B guidelines, Recombinant Protein,