Forensic Analysis Services

Forensic Analysis Services from M-Scan Ltd

By: M-Scan Ltd  19/11/2009
Keywords: Analytical Services, forensic analysis, Chemical testing

M-Scan's Forensic Services encompass forensic analysis, fire investigation, case review, and training. We have undertaken forensic casework for civil litigation and both criminal prosecution and defence since 1997.

M-Scan's areas of particular expertise include:

- Fire debris analysis: detection and identification of accelerants (ignitable substances);

- Characterisation of liquids: identification of substances that are suspected of being used as fire accelerants;

- Petrol branding: determination of the brand of petrol in liquid fuels, fire debris, suspect's clothing and even in empty petrol cans;

- Fuel correlations: establishing whether liquid/semi-liquid samples share the same source;

- Smoke odour analysis: establishing potential correlations between items from a fire scene and a suspect's clothing;

- Lachrymator analysis: detection and identification of defense gas sprays (e.g. CS, pepper spray, etc) from the aerosol and also on suspects/victims clothing;

- Bespoke service: designed specifically for an individual case in any area of forensic (organic) chemistry e.g. petrochemicals, odours, surfactants/detergents.

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