Chemical Testing Services

Chemical Testing Services from M-Scan Ltd

By: M-Scan Ltd  18/11/2009
Keywords: Odour Analysis, analytical chemical laboratory, residual solvent analysis,

M-Scan's chemical testing services are provided by our chemical  laboratories that specialises in bespoke methods of analysis rather than simply reliant on set pre-developed methods. M-Scan's analytical chemistry experts can bring together its expertise in the development of new analytical methods and interpretation of chromatography and mass spectrometry data, with its extensive inventory of instruments, to provide clients with detailed information on the unknown compound from their process.

Below are just a few examples of our chemical testing services:

- Chemical identification and quantification of impurities in pharmaceutical products.

- Chemical analysis of unusual material caught in filters.

- Analysis of hydrocarbon deposits poisoning catalysts.

- Adulteration of food analysis.

- Unexpected product colorationtesting.

- Analysis of unwanted odours from a product.

- Purity analysis on feedstocks and final product.

- Oil and petrochemical analysis including oil fingerprinting, analysis of and  from aircraft, road vehicles and ships.

- Chemical analysis of leachables from containers or packaging.

- Analysis of nuisance odoursand and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) present in outdoor air, vehicles and other modes of transport, or indoor air samples.

- Workplace air sampling and testing.

- Solvent residues in pharmaceutical compounds, industrial chemical and manufactured products.

- Rubber, plastics and polymers and  including flame retardants, WEEE and RoHS analysis.

- Analysis of detergents and surfactants including domestic detergents, surfactants used in industrial processes and PFOS and similar detergents found in fire fighting foams.

- Process-indicative impurities used by M-Scan to resolve patent disputes.

Keywords: analytical chemical laboratory, Odour Analysis, residual solvent analysis,