Antibody Analysis

Antibody Analysis from M-Scan Ltd

By: M-Scan Ltd  11/11/2009
Keywords: Analytical Services, Recombinant Protein, Protein Analysis

M-Scan's analytical laboratories provides a full antibody analysis package, tailored to the FDA and ICH guidelines and available to GLP/GMP, including:

- Amino acid sequence analysis, using automated sequencing via Edman degradation and/or MS/MS sequence analysis
- Amino acid composition analysis to provide protein concentration, extinction coefficient and/or molar amino acid ratios
- N-Terminal and C-Terminal amino acid sequence analysis, using automated Edman chemistry and/or mass-spectrometric mapping/sequencing strategies
- Peptide MS Mapping analysis, using digestion and MS strategies
Disulfide bridge analysis, using MS and MS/MS
- Carbohydrate structure, including monosaccharide composition analysis, oligosaccharide population screening by HPAEC-PAD and MS, linkage analysis and glycosylation site determination
- Determination of intact molecular weight
- Electrophoretic and isoform patterns, including CE
- Liquid chromatographic patterns, including RP-HPLC, SEC and IEX
- Identification of post-translational modifications
- Spectroscopic profiling, using CD
- Identification of product related impurities, including degradation products (deamidation, oxidation, mis-matched S-S bridge forms)
- Protein aggregation assessment by AUC and SEC-MALLS
- NMR is available at research level

Our antibody analysis service can be tailored to the requirements of the client - selected individual analyses or the "full antibody analytical package" can be performed.

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