Mattress Cleaning Dust Mite Allergies

Mattress Cleaning Dust Mite Allergies from Domestic House Cleaners

By: Domestic House Cleaners  24/10/2009
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Who is sleeping in your bed tonight?
The most common allergen producing organism in any home is the Dust Mite with as many as 2 million in the average mattress and pillow.

Dust Mites
are found in every home no matter how thorough the household hygiene may be.They feed on the dead flakes of skin that we shed every day of our lives as we spend a third of our lives in bed they choose to share your mattress.

The sympons of Dust Mite allergies often include:
Asthma,Headaches,Hay Fever,Tight chest,Eczema,Bronchitis,Coughing and blocked nose to name a few.

Even if you are lucky enough not to suffer from any alleries do you want to be sharing your bed with these Dust Mites?

The procedure uses  a powerful electronic UVC STERILISER to clean your mattress,pillows and duvets it is chemical free quick,dry and unharmful to humans and animals.
It is designed to not only remove Dust Mite and their droppings but to also sterilise your mattress,kill germs and bacteria.Can also be used on soft furnishings. 

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