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Copywriting, proofreading, PR, copyediting from Bowler Hat Media

By: Bowler Hat Media  17/09/2009
Keywords: design, journalist, proofreader

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Have a chat with Bowler Hat Media when you're looking for copywriting, copyediting or PR to communicate with your customers - or employees.

Our USP is this: we 'chat' via the written word and engage your target audience in online and offline 'must-read-this' copy. Our writers are fully-trained journalists (not people who were quite good at English essays at school!) and are great at delivering copywriting which has maximum impact and real reader appeal.

By learning about your business and what it could do for your customers and prospective customers, Bowler Hat Media communicates the message in a style that is most likely to be a 'must-read' for the people you want to attract.

Other agencies are much bigger than Bowler Hat Media - and they have the overheads and the fees to prove it.

We can offer solid professionalism, at prices to suit all budgets and pride ourselves on the dedication and commitment we give to each project.

Call Julie on 07946 450708 to find out how you can benefit from a straight-talking, small but perfectly formed agency such as Bowler Hat Media.

Keywords: design, journalist, proofreader