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By:  25/04/2013
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End To End Mobile Marketing Solution for Small & Medium Sized Businesses What We Provide: Design & development of Mobile App for SME`s. QR Code Connected. Compatible with Android, I phone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and over 5,000 Mobile handsets and Tablets. Mobile search engine Optimized, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the major search engines. Complete Cloud Based Hosting. Round the clock Support. Regular Updates to accommodate new Handset Releases. What’s in The Mobile App. We supply your App fully linked to your new QR Code (like a bar code) We supply QR Code in store customer download point. 1 touch call to your business from your App. Request Call Back Button. Booking Form. Map and directions from customer’s location. Showcase your special offers. Social media share on each page. Full contact details. Display your products and services. Update yourself through Facebook and Twitter with your latest properties, deals, offers etc. 1 years fully cloud based hosting included. We will provide you a standard text message format including the Link to your App. Customer receive the Text message, clicks on the link and the App is displayed. You can use this text message format to send to potential clients and customers, also use this text message as a follow up to a potential customer that calls your business for an inquiry. The best thing to do with the digital copy of your new QR code we supply you is to send it to the company that deals with your printing and tell them to add it to all your new printed advertising, including your "For Sale" boards (for estate agencies) that you place in houses, Business cards, Leaflets, Price lists, flyers, newspaper Ad, on your company vans or cars, on shop windows or on sign boards, Till Receipts, website, website videos or just about anywhere you like. Your new App can be visible to people on their mobile phones by: 1) Search engines 2) Receiving a text message that contains a link to the App 3) Via QR Code 4) By directly typing in the URL in your Mobile browser The best part is the service is affordable for small businesses. The Benefits of a Mobile App for Local, small and medium sized business. The world is changing, and, with it, the way business is done. Are you going to change with it or will you choose to be left behind? Promotional email messages receive about a 4% read rate. PUSH notifications through mobile phones 97%. Do we have your attention now? Take a minute to absorb that: What was once (in the recent past) the cutting edge in marketing is now essentially a waste of time. Unless you have an enormous list, that is. 4% That’s not good. Not only will your mobile app be an excellent marketing tool (allowing you to say things like, visit our website to download our free app!) that will help get people returning to your website, but it will allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way. A meaningful way. A way that will have 97% of the people who receive your messages actually reading what you want them to read. Are you leaning towards getting your own mobile application developed? THE FACTS: You might lean a little more to one side when you read these statistics: According to the New York Times, smartphone app development is the “most powerful media ever invented.” The Gartner Group believes the mobile marketing industry to be “a $58 billion market by 2014.” Google Insights tells us that “mobile search has grown 400% in the past year” and that “88% of these users take action” USA Today calculated coupon redemption rates as follows: “Print = 1%; Mobile = 5-20%” The reality is it’s not easy to stand out amidst all the noise out there these days. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Billboards, Radio and Television. We’re bombarded by marketing messages in this day and age. Mobile marketing with your own custom app helps get your message heard above all that noise. That’s because it’s keeping your special offer out of your customers’ overwhelmed email in boxes and on their smartphones where they spend all their time anyway! If you want to increase your bottom line, you need your own mobile app. Here are some ways your app will help grow your business: Make your phone ring more by giving people a way to simply tap their phone to reach you. Breed repeat buyers by rewarding customers for buying from you with a “check-in coupon system.” Reel customers in your doors by sending out coupons, discounts, sales and specials with PUSH notifications. These are wildly successful and this technology alone will significantly change your business for the better. Stay front-of-mind for your customers by putting your brand on their smartphones where they’re spending all their time. That’s where they’re searching for solutions to their problems, so get your business in the palms of their hands! Prove to the people who haven’t bought from you yet that you’re worth doing business with by integrating customer testimonials into your app. Give your business the opportunity to go viral with the “Share this App” button. Engage with your customers. It’s easier to sell to someone who has done business with you before. We all know that. So make it easy for them to choose you again by giving them something of value via your own custom mobile app. What will your app look like? The above list of benefits can keep growing and growing, depending on what sort of information you include in your app. But one thing is for sure . . . Mobile marketing is the most powerful medium you can use to grow your business. Contact us today about how you can cash in on the trend before your competitors do.

Keywords: mobile app and QR Code, Mobile app development, mobile site developer, qr code to mobile app,

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Our Mobile Apps for Small & Medium businesses are designed to showcase products and services on any mobile phone with a browser and are QR Code Connected.