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By: Hart Cosmetics  20/04/2012
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100% Pure mineral make-up.   A beautiful, light foundation for all skin types.

Pure Hart Cosmetics Foundation is one of the purest, most natural looking form of minerals available. Our mineral foundation make-up are not only glamorous, versatile, long-lasting and easy to apply, they provide natural sunscreen and are nourishing and beneficial for the skin, in particular problem skin such as acne and rosacea. They are also idea for those of you who do not wear make-up on a daily basis as they last for 36 months and longer if you take care of your make-up brushes.

Pure Hart Cosmetics have 26 shades of Foundation from the palest of skin tones to the darkest of skin skins. We offer samples of these shades at a price of £1.00 per sample. If you would like to try a shade or two please email us with your requirements. As this is very new we still do not have all of the shades but will should have them all very shortly, please just ask and we will have them made for you if we do not have them already.

This foundation is ideal for VEGANS as there are not animal products and they are not tested on animals. The manufacturers that supply our mineral make-up know that the facial skin is particularly sensitive and that is why they only use pure organic, natural ingredients. They do not use harmful chemicals, additives, oils, synthetics, dye or fragrances. Hart Cosmetics use this company over others as we are proud to say that the manufacturer of this product is animal cruelty free, bio-friendly and safe for both humans and the environment.


The ingredients in genuine mineral makeup such as foundation, blush and eye shadow occur in nature; they are free from preservatives, artificial colours, talc, oil and other skin irritants. It contains minerals, such as iron oxides and titanium dioxide. Most other standard makeup contains artificial dyes to give it colour. The colours in mineral cosmetics are due to iron oxides instead. These actually benefit the skin, meaning that you can even sleep in it and not harm your skin.


Mineral cosmetics are beneficial for people that have problematic skin. This includes skin with rosacea, acne or post-surgical skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties. The natural ingredients make it gentle for problem skin. Also, mineral makeup is less likely to become contaminated because it doesn't support bacteria like other makeup does.

Sun Protection

Mineral cosmetics are often recommended by dermatologists because Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide natural protection from the sun. In addition, mineral cosmetics contain ingredients that absorb heat. The iron oxides in mineral cosmetics protect the skin from cancer and aging by protecting it from UVA and UVB harmful rays. Standard cosmetics don't contain this kind of protection. If makeup contains sunscreen, it is a chemical sunscreen that can irritate the skin, especially sensitive skin.

Ingredients to watch out for:

A number of mineral cosmetic brands have opted NOT to remain true to the purity of earth minerals. They choose to add oil, talc, fillers, colours, binders, preservatives, or other chemical additives to their formulas.

Some mineral makeup brands do in fact contain bismuth oxycholoride. Supposedly the amounts are so small that those companies can legitimately continue to claim its products are "100% minerals", but the use of the lead and copper by-product, not always listed on product labels, certainly can be construed as misleading. Here are some ingredients to watch out for:

Bismuth-Oxychloride - Bismuth-Oxychloride is a byproduct of refined lead and copper. It has a pearlescent property to increase whiteness/shininess to mineral makeup. Many expensive mineral makeup brands use this as it is cheap to buy, making it an inexpensive filler. Sufferers of acne and rosacea will find that using products containing this ingredient will irritate their skin.
Nanonized Titanium Dioxide or nanonized particles - Titanium Dioxide is a natural mineral and safe to use on the skin. The particles are not small enough to be absorbed by the skin. Some mineral makeup brands however, use nanonized titanium dioxide. This process using nano-technology breaks down the particles so much that it can be absorbed by the blood stream. When absorbed, these particles become toxic and pathogenic.

Methylparaben-This is a non-natural preservative. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylparaben for more info.

Trisodium EDTA- This is a non-natural preservative, including methyparaben, propylparaben and diasolidinyl urea.

Talc - It is a non-natural cheap filler used in mineral makeup.

Tips & Tricks


  • Mix 2 shades together to custom blend your foundation.
  • Using multiple shades you can create a whole different look: Close set eyes, apply a lighter shade between your eyes to give the appearance of wider set eyes and vise verse.
  • Create a tinted moisturiser by adding some of your foundation mix to your moisturiser. This will also help fill in large pores.
  • Our foundation can be applied wet or dry. By using a dampened flocked sponge or moist foundation brush, you can apply you mineral foundation with the wet method.
  • If you have larger pores, mix some of your foundation with your moisturiser to help fill them in, then apply your foundation as normal.

Neutral skin tones

Almond - Neutral skin tones - Fair skin - Gorgeous light beige to cool olive shades for a vast majority of fair to light skin tones.

Cashmere - Neutral skin tones - fair to medium - A lovely shade that is perfect for a fair complexion with a bit of a pink tan. It has warm rose, rather than golden undertones.

Sierra Tan - Neutral skin tones - medium - A wonderful shade, perfect for women with tanned skin. It literally melts into the skin, leaving a natural bronze complexion.

Cool skin tones

Lace – cool skin tones – very fair – A lovely shade for the very lightest of skin tones.  This has a pink undertone for “pale English Rose” complexions.

Biscuit – cool skin tones – fair – This shade is wonderful for the light skin tone that has an obvious rose undertone.

Wheat – cool skin tones – medium – This is a beautiful shade for women with a deeper complexion with no golden undertones.

Olive skin tones

Golden Sand – Olive skin tones – fair to medium – This is a wonderful shade for women with light to medium olive skin tone.  It is perfect for those who find that most foundations are too “orange”.  Works nicely for Latin, Indian, Southeast Asian and golden summer tan skin.

Butter Rum – Olive skin tones – medium – This lovely shade is perfect for women that find other foundations too yellow, orange or pink.  There are several beautiful ethnic skin tones that would benefit this shade.

Cappuccino – Olive skin tones – deep – A gorgeous shade for women with deep olive skin tone.

Warm skin tones

Pearl – warm skin tones – very fair – For the very lightest of skin tones with yellow undertones.  It is perfect for women with red or strawberry blond hair.

Sunlight – warm skin tones – fair – This is a lovely warm neutral shade that looks very natural on a variety of light skin types.  It helps tone down redness and even skin tone.

Tender Beige - warm skin tones – medium – This is a warm neutral shade.  Its warm undertone helps tone down redness and even skin tone.

Honey  - warm skin tones – deep – For the Caucasian women with very dark, golden tanned skin.

Golden skin tones

Lovely Gold – golden skin tones – fair – A lovely light gold shade.

Gold Moon – golden skin tones – medium – A lovely medium gold shade.

Sugar Gold – golden skin tones – deep – This is a beautiful deep gold shade.

Dark skin tones

Sahara - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Pecan  - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Cocoa - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Caramel - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Sepia - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Deep Sable - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Mocha - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Cinnamon - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.

Ebony - dark skin tones – A gorgeous shade , not ashy, not shiny, simply beautiful for all women of colour.



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