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By: White Oak Aikido - Reading  02/01/2009
Keywords: self defence, martial art, aikido

What can I expect at Aikido? Aikidotraining always starts with a formal bow. Gentle exercises follow, designed to prepare you for the rest of the Aikido session. Next are a series of basic Aikido movements, which improve posture and co-ordination, and teach you how to receive techniques safely. Indeed, the requirements for personal safety are stressed throughout yoiur Aikido training. The main part of a session involves practising techniques with the other students. The techniques are broken down into basic components to make them easier to understand and the more experienced students and the instructor are always on hand to offer assistance. As you progress, you will also study the use of the bokken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and tanto (knife). An understanding of these weapons is invaluable in improving and understanding your Aikido.

Keywords: aikido, Dojo, martial art, self defence

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