Incident Response Scenario Workshop

By: Sysnet Global Solutions  07/03/2011
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The aim of this three day incident response scenario workshop is to replicate an Account Data Compromise (ADC) to the decision makers within a merchant’s organisation so that they can prepare themselves for what the correct course of action would be, should an incident occur.

Sysnet’s Incident Response Scenario Workshop consists of our incident response team, reenacting a workshop to a relevant scenario that a merchant may encounter. The different decision making departments within the organisation are also incorporated into the exercise. Varying attack vectors are used, each designed to engage a different response.

Once the exercise has taken place, it is followed by a de-briefing with a training session on how the attendees reacted and what the best course of action is.

Aim of Workshops
The aim of this course is to inform the decision makers within an organisation about the process of an incident and the impact of the decisions taken and how they affect and dictate the course of events.

Course Outline
Delivered by an experienced member of the Sysnet Data Forensics team, this 4 day package (2 days onsite and 2 days offsite)involves informing delegates about the mechanics of dealing with a suspected card breach and why correct decision making is so crucial to ensuring that the best possible outcome is delivered following an ADC.

Delivery of the Course
Once the scenario has been tailored, the course is delivered onsite over 2 days. The 2 days that are offsite are spent with designing the scenario and a full report documenting the progress of the event. Each onsite day is broken down into 5 modules lasting approximately 1 hour each with a break in between each one of them. Courses are tailor made to specific business sector requirements such as 3rd part Hosting Providers, Acquirers and large merchants.

Following this course, merchants will have a strong understanding of what the processes of a Data Forensics event are and what impact this has to their business and what plans should be put in place to start addressing the potential issues.

The course can be delivered to various decision makers within the business from executive, finance, HR, operations, IT, legal, marketing/PR etc. The minimum amount of people that can attend the course is 4 attendees. Paper copies of the slides are given in the workshop pack along with associated material. The modules are delivered in a classroom setting with PowerPoint slides and through group interaction.

The course is designed to be interactive and informative. Expert tution and guidance is offered by Sysnet to ensure that the learning experience is maximised. For Sysnet, dealing with the incidents is a day to day job and our team has a wealth of examples that can be used to suit any scenario.

Experience has shown that it is a great team building exercise that allows members of staff to learn and act as a team. It is ideal for the team to practice in decision making under time constraints.

For further information on our Incident Response Scenario Workshops, please contact one of our Sales representatives by calling +353 (0)1 495 1300 or by completing our  or .

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