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SEO Search Engine Optimisation Company - Page 1 of Google or it's free from SuperIT

By: SuperIT  04/07/2013
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SEO Search Engine Optimisation Company - Page 1 of Google or it's free Also, totally free is a website appraisal and keyword analysis. Noone we have ever met has thought of all the keywords they could be targetting. Therefore, ALL OF YOU are leaving money on the table (for your competitors to pickup). Some of these keywords are surprisingly easy to get to the top slots for, even position number 1! If you are a new startup (and hence cash strapped) we even offer a partnership deal. It works like this: You don't pay us anything for our SEO, but we set up a website and share the profits with you. We are THAT confident that we can get good rankings we are prepared to joint venture with some businesses for this purpose (in fact we prefer this method as we make more money). You do not necessarily have to be a new startup, but you do need to let us design the site (we don't build it as we are not web developers) - we instruct a web developer exactly how to build the site as we know more about SEO than they do, and they know more about how to actually build a site than we do. That way you get the best of both worlds. If you don't fancy the joint venture then we will happily provide our SEO services to you, but you do pay for the fantastic results. If we don't get your website onto the first page of Google for the agreed keywords then we don't charge you. We are confident in our ability and therefore can make this amazing guarantee. The (rough) stats for the clicks for each of the positions on page one of Google are: 1. 36.4% 2. 12.5% 3. 9.5% 4. 7.9% 5. 6.1% 6. 4.1% 7. 3.8% 8. 3.5% 9. 3.0% 10. 2.2% I'm sure you are aware that normally if you don't appear on page 1 then you're not going to get many clicks. But, even at position number 10, for high volume keywords, eg : Accountant (823,000) Solicitor (1,830,000) Builder (1,500,000) you could expect approximately 18,000 clicks on your website if you were at no 10 for accountant, 40,000 if at no 10 for solicitor, and 33,000 clicks if at no 10 for builder. How many of those turn into actual clients / customers is then down to you, but I'm sure you have an idea of your conversion rate. Even if you work on 1% which is probably extremely low you would be getting 180, 400 and 330 extra customers a month. WOW! Don't delay and contact us today. The longer you leave it the longer it will be until you are getting all those new customers and the profits that come with all that extra business. Like we say - if you get in contact we do an appraisal and keyword analysis totally free, along with projected clicks from the Google searches.

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