Web and Graphic Design Studio

Web and Graphic Design Studio from Solstice Studios

By: Solstice Studios  15/07/2009

 Solstice Studios has grown from a number of smaller ventures combining to make a single experienced business. With over 15 years in the I.T. industry our combined skills make the business versatile and adaptable to the varying markets.
Obviously it's been a while since the website was LIVE! Well while we've been offline the entire site, company and services have been overhauled. We've fine tuned the look and feel of the different sections, rebranded the name and split the site into the new sub sections.
There are more reasons than one to re-design a website! We primarily decided to make it more "search-engine friendly" thus improving our ranking in the different search engines. Also we have decided to add a number of new solutions to our repertoir including our own "hosting solutions" and "Digital Signage" something that we have been working on a lot over the past few months with our current clients.