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Ripe Website Manager from Jmez Media UK Ltd

By: Jmez Media UK Ltd  10/11/2009
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Ripe Website Manager is to creating websites as 'Word' is to creating documents. Ripe is a Content Management System (cms), developed entirely in-house at Jmez Media. Anyone who wants a website or needs to update their existing site should explore the possibilities with Ripe.

All Ripe customer websites are individually templated and branded to look and feel exactly how the customer desires and the single admin login provides access to an array of easy to use functionality...

Ripe customers can create and edit web pages and publish directly to the web (as most cms do), but how many alternative cms packages come with an integral ecommerce shopping cart, its own media player (enabling users to upload video and stills), comprehensive stats results, form manager, galleries, calendars, articles and directory pages! Theres more...

Check out the Ripe site at

We are now producing a Ripe reseller package for web designers so if that applies to you, contact us now.

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