RCV (Ripe Corporate Video) by Jmez Media

RCV (Ripe Corporate Video) by Jmez Media from Jmez Media UK Ltd

By: Jmez Media UK Ltd  10/11/2009
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RCVs (Ripe Corporate Video) by Jmez Media is a service provided across our client base. Website owners are realising that web based advertising is not only cheap but effective.

Broadcast video/film made for television is expensive and airtime costs can be beyond the reach of ordibnary mortals. And ensuring your television advert is played at prime times is..well.. ouch!

Whereas video shot for web can be made vastly cheaper using an array of cameras from high end point and shoots to XL2s or Sonys. Web films are now high quality productions at low cost rates but the real advantage is that theior are NO airtime charges... your advert stays 'live' for as long as you keep it on your web page and site visitors can view it any time they arrive at your site.

Customers with search engine friendly Ripe websites really benefit from video and Ripe's youtube uploader ensures your web film can be viewed anywhere.

We also produce film for DVD, usually as marketing or presentation footage for internal distribution or for individual prosective clients.

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