Push To Talk

By: Intechnology  12/02/2009
Keywords: push to talk

 InTechnology’s Push To Talk (PTT) service allows your field workers to keep in constant touch with the office as well as each other. By using existing mobile phones instead of dedicated walkie-talkie radios, Push To Talk (PTT) also allows you to better manage equipment costs as staff need only carry one device.

Push To Talk (PTT) is a business radio service that uses GSM mobile phones instead of walkie-talkies. It allows instant communication either on a one-to-one basis or as a broadcast to a group of people using Push To Talk (PTT) technology on their mobile phones.

Push To Talk is quicker than a phone call because there is no number to dial. To make a call, the caller simply pushes a button on the phone and talks. It is similar to a walkie-talkie but has the advantage of almost unlimited coverage as it uses the global GSM mobile phone network.

Keywords: push to talk