By: ICE PACC  03/06/2011
Keywords: debt recovery, Debt Collection, credit control


For affordable credit control software, look no further than ICE PACC. The ICE PACC combines credit checking, credit control processes and debt collection in one powerful online package.

Designed to help businesses improve their cashflow and minimise the risk of commercial debt, the ICE PACC software allows you to load your customers onto its platform where thorough credit checks are undertaken.

Following these initial risk assessments, the ICE PACC then enables you to track your customer’s orders through to payment and provides terms & conditions that further reduce the risk of bad debt.

However should you incur bad debt, ICE PACC also supports you by giving access to the highest standards of free pre-legal debt collection.

To find out more about the ICE PACC and how it can support your business’s financial performance call us now on 0207 1835 192.

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